Happy Women’s day 2018: Celebration, Wishes and meaning

Happy Women’s day 2018: Celebration, Wishes and meaning

Women’s day is celebrated every year in India as well as in most of the countries around the globe. Women’s day is a day which is celebrated to make women feel special. On this day, everyone wishes every woman happy women’s day. Though there should be no specific day to celebrate the day of women’s but March 8 is considered as a day to celebrate the importance of women. This is a day when women has all the rights. They prefer celebrating the day on their own terms. On this day, many seminars, events are organized for women.

Different events, activities are held in which women’s are given great importance and they are made aware of their rights and all other things. Many activities like games and other sports take place and even they make the women celebrate this day on their own terms. This day is of a highly social, historical and a good event that is highly auspicious to celebrate. On this day, men bow down their head in front of the women they admire the most. Women’s day create awareness in rural areas. Ladies who work in an NGO go to rural area and create awareness in almost every sector and create awareness in all section.

On Women day many people go out and interact with people and take their point of view regarding the women’s day and how can they make them feel special. Every child prefers wishing his mother the first, she is the first lady that a child has ever interacted with. People greet wishes to their friends, colleagues and many other people. This day marks a great importance in everyone’s life. One must celebrate the day with great enthusiasm and zeal. Many events are even organized in the society and locality to make the women feel good is a unique gift of God.

In a conversation with newsfolo, many women’s interacted and shared their point of view regarding women’s day.

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