Gudi Padwa Shobha Yatra 2018 : How it is celebrated in Maharashtra

Gudi Padwa Shobha Yatra 2018 : How it is celebrated in Maharashtra

Gudi Padwa is the first day of the new year for Marathi people. This day is celebrated with great zeal. This day marks the beginning of Spring season. People make rangolis and play the drums to express their happiness. This year India will witness this festival on March 18. Every year it falls in the month of March. Marathi women participate in group dance as they celebrate the Shobha Yatra to celebrate the Maharashtrian New year. Some women even ride on two wheels and show their excitement towards this. Shobha Yatra is even done on two-wheelers to show the excitement that one holds.

Many gathering are done where women dance in groups. They show their excitement by dancing and singing different songs. People are properly dressed traditionally. Everyone follows their traditions. They dress beautifully in the traditional Marathi saree. Women also holds a placard displaying some message for others. The message can be anything be a social topic, traditional or anything. Indian women also plays drums to just express their joy for this day. The preparation of this festival usually starts a week before. Women’s are beautifully dressed. Rangoli is created of very big size as it is the thing which shows the exciting things.

Maharashtrian women perform puja when celebrating this festival. Women’s worship Gudi which is a silk saree tied with a bamboo. It is worshipped on this day. It marks the beginning of the new year for the people of Marathi. A traditional oil-bath is taken before starting the celebration of the day. Group dances are performed on this day. This day marks the end of one season and the starting of the other one. Marathi attires are the wore. People wear sarees on this occasion.

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