Google Doodle Celebrates New Year’s Eve With Penguins to Welcome 2018

Google Doodle Celebrates New Year’s Eve With Penguins to Welcome 2018

Google is celebrating New Year’s Eve 2017 with a doodle Today. The doodle featuring penguins and parrots with celebratory mood as they are doing a party to welcome 2018. Google feathery friends have enjoyed their delicious traditions and are now celebrating the new year with sparklers and dance.  New Year’s Eve is probably the most widely celebrated holiday in all around the globe. People will celebrate this year’s last day evening according to their country and culture. The way of celebrations varies across all countries and cultures. People will say goodbye to 2017, and they look forward to a new year which symbolizes new beginnings of their life. Everyone will think about how much fun it was to spend this time together.

The search engine also celebrated the holiday of the winter season with a doodle featuring penguins. The series of doodles shows animated images of penguins, enjoying their snow season. As the New Year’s Eve is a time spent with family and friends, the Google doodle shows the penguins enjoying the day-night celebration with their family.

During the time of the new year with the hope of good beginning, people mend old quarrels. They set new goals and will do many social works. They also donate to charity during this time of the year. Most probably they host many paries and events to joyous celebrations with their friends and family. Some also plan for the trip with their friends and family members to enjoy the happy occasion of holidays.

Apart from this, Google celebrated New Year’s eve 2016 with a doodle featuring colourful balloons. As the countdown of the new year begins, close to midnight on December 31, people get together with fireworks to enjoy the New Year with shots and dance. Now as today on last day of the year (31 December) the celebrations are seen across the worldwide, in different time zones.

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