Good Friday 2018: Celebration and Significance

Good Friday 2018: Celebration and Significance
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Good Friday is the most auspicious and important festival for the Christain. This year it is celebrated on March 30. This is widely celebrated in all part of the country as well as world. This festival has a huge importance for the Christain as this day marks the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This day is followed by Easter that marks the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. The death of Jesus Christ is of much importance as it marks the sacrifices of all people taken up by the Jesus Christ. The death of Jesus Christ is marked with the forgiveness for all of mankind’s sins.

This day is observed as a day for solemn mourning for the Christain. Christians usually spent their day by observing fasting, Some people are also busy in prayer and repentance on the suffering of Jesus. Many sessions take place in which people are made aware of the things why Jesus Christ was crucified. It is seen that some churches also do meditation and the decoration is removed from the Statues. Christian refuse to eat meat. Non-vegetarians stuff is also restricted.

The symbol which is observed on Good Friday is the crucifix, or cross, which represents the way in which Jesus died. Black clothes are used to cover the statues, images on this day as to mark the mourn of lost Jesus Christ. This day is basically a sorrowful Friday. This day is also known as a Holy Friday, Great Friday, and Black Friday. This is followed by easter. On this day, Jesus Christ was crucified for the people to maintain humanity and make everything calm. People celebrate this day as a sad day. On this day in order to save people from the wrong means, he was crucified.

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