Fat shaming may effect obese people mentally and physically

Fat shaming may effect obese people mentally and physically
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Obesity is a condition not a disease but people take obese people as diseased which is completely wrong. The doctors, friends and relatives generally fat shame us us if we are overweight. One thing should always be kept in mind that reducing weight is not that difficult as people think it to be. Proper diet and regular exercise may lead to loosing weight but many of us lack in that only may be because of time or many other problems alike.

Many a times our doctors and health providers fat shame obese people and take a toll on overweight people which may affect obese people mentally and physically as well. A findings showed that obese people often fall victims to medical discrimination by doctors in the form of disrespectful treatment, lectures about weight loss, embarrassing comments, and a less thorough examination. A professor at the Connecticut College, US  said that disrespectful treatment and medical fat shaming in the context to motivate people to change their lifestyle becomes stressful and can cause patients to delay healthcare and avoid interacting with the doctors.

Generallyoverweight people often get detached from medical research which are based on assumptions about their health status, meaning the standard dosage for drugs may not be appropriate for larger body sizes. In some cases, doctors also do not take fat patients’ complaints seriously. Thus, they jump to conclusions or fail to run appropriate tests, which results in misdiagnosis.

In addition, negative attitudes among medical providers can also cause psychological stress in obese patients. Implicit attitudes might be experienced by patients as indirect for example, a provider’s apparent reluctance to touch a fat patient, or a headshake, wince or ‘tsk’ while noting the patient’s weight in the chart. Discriminations are stressful over time and can contribute to the felt experience of stigmatisation. Treatments should focus on mental and physical health as the desired outcomes for therapy, and not on weight, the researchers said.

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