Fake WhatsApp messages has a long history, never influence from these

Fake WhatsApp messages has a long history, never influence from these
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

WhatsApp is the most used chatting App. This provides a free platform for exchanging text messages and calls. Many messages are exchanged on this platform and by this medium many fake news is also exchanged. Just a single click and a fake news is spread everywhere. One or other fake messages are usually flashed on the screens of the WhatsApp users. In the recent updates, many fake news was spreading on the Whatsapp. A recent message which flashed on the screens of the users was about the earthquake which will touch the floor of the Delhi making Gurugram the epic center of the earthquake. The fake news which was going viral was that the earthquake of higher magnitude will touch the floor. This was a fake message.

Another case of the fake news which went viral was of the Heineken beer that on their 140th anniversary they are giving 5 litre barrels of beer free but when this was confirmed by the Heineken company. They confirmed that this news is fake and they are not giving any beer cans free. The message which went viral contained a link for registering for free beer.

The fake scam news of Whatsapp even took paytm users in their trap. A link was going viral on the screens of the whatsapp that the paytm users have to answer four questions and they will be offered 1000 rupees as a paytm cash. This link flashed on all the screens. This news was also confirmed fake by the officials as no link was made by the company. Whatsapp has millions of users and these scam news lowers the quality of the whatsapp and thus reduces the interest of the users to pay attention to such notices. For getting aware of all these scam, whatsapp officials are now revealing a correct statement regarding the news.

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