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Lunar Eclipse 2018 date, time, timings in India and effects

Lunar Eclipse 2018 date, time, timings in India and effects
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

A total Lunar eclipse, also known as Purna Chanda Grahan ( चंद्र ग्रहण ), will be visible on January 31, 2018. The total eclipse will begin from IST 6:21pm to 7:37pm and the partial eclipse will start at 5:18pm to 8:41pm. Cycles of moon is known to impact body of a person, physically as well as mentally. It is highly advised by few people of religious faiths and science to follow some of the instructions that the person should follow. during the event On Wednesday, the lunar eclipse will be a combination. The shadow will approach from bottom right leaving the top part of Moon in sunlight.

The eclipse period is considered very good for chanting of the mantra which provides financial gains, education, power of conceiving. If a person is facing any health issues, the person should donate certain items like rice, sugar, jaggery etc. One must take bath after the eclipse is over. One should wash the clothes after the eclipse is over. One must worship God during the eclipse as it is considered very religious. One should be careful if any scare occurs during the eclipse, it will last for whole life.

Special care should be done for the pregnant ladies. They should not be allowed to do any work during the period of eclipse. One should not see the lunar eclipse directly as it is not considered good to see. One should avoid having intercourse during this time as it is considered very bad to conceive at this time. During the eclipse one should not eat anything. Even the medicine should be avoided at the time of eclipse. Pregnant ladies are not allowed to go out under the shadow of eclipse as it is considered harmful for the baby. Usage of any harmful thing such as knife, scissor is strictly prohibited for the women. One should avoid eating during the time of eclipse as it causes indigestion.

It is also said that during the lunar eclipse as the tides in the ocean rises, the blood pressure, pulse and the normal behavior of the person fluctuates.

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