Stay fit this monsoon with indoor exercises

Stay fit this monsoon with indoor exercises
Written by Priyanka sarangi

Fitness has a very simple meaning that it is a state of being physically fit and mentally stable. These days our country is facing a great problem of obesity all over. People tend to each junk food and therefore become the victim of obesity and many other diseases adding on to it. Being fit is a mental state and one’s own willingness from within. Its just nothing but a mind game. Fitness is not just a habit, it is a lifestyle; one that requires commitment and dedication. Some quick and easy steps like working out indoors or getting few simpler exercising devices can help you in many ways.

Reebok Master Trainer Gagan Arora encourages you to keep your body healthy with these simple things to keep in mind during rainy days. Run those miles: The body is waterproof so do not fret to take those extra laps in the rain. An outdoor workout keeps the body metabolism going and helps you stay fit and energized. Stay active through the day and if going out in the rains is not suitable for you then you can workout indoors. Pack in a short 30 – 40 minutes schedule that includes a mix of squats, push-ups, planks. With homemade food, you can also add seasonal fruits and vegetables along with lean meat and legumes to your diet.

The ‘Right’ Gear: Wear bright coloured speed wick or Active Chill fitness gear and socks as they will keep you cool during humidity, dry quickly and reduce the chances of chaffing. Monsoon gateways: Take a break from your routine and unwind with a quick getaway during the rains. Plan a fun ‘Fitcation’ that includes long walks and fun outdoor games with family and friends to stay active, energized and light this monsoon.Vitamins are vital – Add vitamins to your diet to keep infections at bay and maintain your energy levels. Get enough rest, stay indoors and relax if not feeling well. Stick to the same time plan for workout sessions at home. Make sure the session is 45 minutes at least.

Start with simple stretching exercises to warm-up with an addition of five minutes spot jogging. Follow it up with 15 minutes of rigorous cardio can be done. To make body muscles strong and for toning the body and preventing joints from injury, do a combination of 20 squats + 20 lunges (each leg) + 20 pushups. You repeat this set 2-4 times as per your capacity. Get few simple exercising devices like dumbells, skipping rope, resistance tubes etc at home and try hardcore floor exercises like planks, crunches and leg raises. You can start with a plank position for 30 seconds and repeat it again. An indoor jog on the spot or around a house jog is also beneficial, or Leslie walks which can be done indoors.

Yoga can be performed both indoors and outdoors. You need to select some airy spot in your house to practice some simple asanas to keep yourself fit and healthy. Yoga also helps reduce respiratory problems that are very common during the monsoon season. Dance workouts are fun and flexible to enjoy indoor monsoon workout.

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