Difference between Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse

Difference between Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Eclipse is the result of total of partial movement of the celestial bodies. There are two types of eclipse i.e. Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse. Solar Eclipse occurs when Sun is blocked by the moon. Lunar Eclipse occurs when moon appears dim and is passed by the Earth’s shadow. Solar Eclipse occurs once in eighteen months. A solar eclipse occurs when Moon passes between Sun and Earth. When Moon completely covers the Sun, it is called Total Solar Eclipse. When the Moon covers only a part of Sun and its penumbra is with the Earth, it is called Partial Solar Eclipse.

A Solar Eclipse is the eclipse of the sun whereas the Lunar Eclipse is the eclipse of the Moon. The position of the celestial body in Solar Eclipse is Sun, Moon and Earth whereas for Lunar Eclipse it is Sun, Earth and Moon. Lunar Eclipse occurs twice a year. Solar Eclipse occurs during the day whereas Lunar Eclipse occurs during the night. Lunar Eclipse occurs only on Full Moon whereas Solar Eclipse occurs only on new moon day. Lunar Eclipse is witnessed in large areas whereas Solar Eclipse occurs in short areas. Lunar Eclipse can be seen without glasses whereas seeing the Solar Eclipse with naked eyes can bring damage to the eyes.

Eclipses are the most common phenomena which is visible easily from the Earth. Permanent damage to the eyes can also occur it one see Sun for a long time. Going out during the Solar Eclipse can also bring damage to the human as it emits very harmful rays during the eclipse. Eclipse alludes to the blocking of light from an astronomical object by the passage of another amidst it. The bodies that are associated with this are Sun, Moon and Earth.

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