Decoration Ideas and Rangoli Designs for Pongal Festival

Decoration Ideas and Rangoli Designs for Pongal Festival
Written by Shilpi Gupta

Like the Makar Sankranti, Bihu and Lohadi, the festival celebrated in South India is Pongal.  This is especially the festival of farmers and celebrated in Tamil Nadu with the highest fanfare. Pongal festival is celebrated for 3-4 days. There are different types of traditions for each day and every day has its own importance. It is celebrated every year in the middle of January. People celebrate it with great fanfare when they have a good harvest. On the first day, garbage is collected and burned while on the second day Mother Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped, while animal money is worshipped on the third and final day of the festival. On the third day of this festival, the cow and bull are decorated with flowers and good food is provided to them. Because this is the biggest source of earning for the farmers.

They decorate their houses with colours and flowers. Beautiful Rangoli is made by them in their houses and they perform a dance on traditional songs. People prepare Pongal dish with prosperity and offer them to Lord Sun as Prashad. Here we are sharing some Pongal Decorative Ideas with you.

Indoor Pongal

This indoor Pongal decoration is the best-suited option for the people who are living in flats. It will definitely look attractive.

pongal indore decoration

Decoration with sugarcane

You can also opt the sugarcane for decoration which will give traditional look to your house on this Pongal Festival.

Thai Pongal

Rice Pots

Pongal is a festival of food prepared by rice. So, you can decorate your house with rice rangoli or pot designs, which is considered as auspicious too.

pongal rice decoration

Holy Cow 

People worship Cow and Lord Sun on Pongal. For the Pongal decoration, you can make rangoli or scenery having a cow, Sun and sugarcane.

Pongal Decorations

Decoration with Lights and Flowers

A new style of decoration can be considered to celebrate your festival with Flowers and lights to spread shine and fragrance everywhere.

pongal rangoli

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