Christmas and New Year celebrations: Best places for the December Global festival

Christmas and New Year celebrations: Best places for the December Global festival
Written by Shilpi Gupta

The biggest global celebrations, with Christmas and New Year, is coming ahead of the people throughout the world. The family and friends are excited about the coming December celebrations. The Times Square’s ball drop is the signature celebration of the United States, it’s worth place for the people for celebrations weak. The world’s best Christmas and New Year’s celebrations include the big cities like Hong Kong and Barcelona’s destinations like Valparaiso and Reykjavik. Hong Kong is famous for the amazing light and pyrotechnic displays. However, Valparaiso holds a 10 days celebration in anticipation of Christmas and New Year’s Eve. And it is capping off with the largest fireworks display in Latin America. Locals of Valparaiso are known for a unique Tradition for New Year, as they eat 12 grapes at midnight, wearing yellow underwear, and putting a $1,000 peso bill in one of their shoes.

We can’t forget Mardi Gras which is known for holiday New Orleans. A fleur-de-lis descends on top of the Jax Brewery as the clock strikes midnight in the version of the ball drop of French Quarter. Aso the many clubs of Las Vegas, book famous musicians like Drake and Nicki Minaj to headline New Year’s Event.

As we talking about the December celebrations than how can we forget Sydney Opera House. As the Sydney has the advantage of being the first major city to enter the 31 celebrations. It’s also famouse for the enormous fireworks display which is held, near the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House.

Let’s think for Germany, as it is well Known for its rowdy club scene. Berlin celebrates for the December festival with its “Party Mile,” a collection of food vendors, light shows, music performances, and bars are famous arround the word. Edinburgh’s December celebration, stretches across 10 days with plenty of music and fireworks.

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