How change in weather affects the dietary habits ?

How change in weather affects the dietary habits ?
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Changes in weather affect our health, skin and our diet too. People who are not adaptive to changes in the outer world are usually affected by this. Many doctors usually consult them to maintain a low diet by a balanced diet. The change in the weather usually affects the one who goes outside and work. As now Summer season is just at the doorstep, people are mainly complaining of the dietary problems they are facing. During a change in the weather people usually suffers from less appetite. As suggested by Dr. Mohita Bansal in a conversation with Newsfolo, she suggested that people who have less appetite should eat less otherwise it will affect the health of the person.

As the summer season is arriving, one should drink a lot of beverages but where water has some positive points excess drinking of water will be harmful. One should not just depend on liquid diet instead the person should consume the healthy food too. Drinking water for removing thirst is good but excess water leads to some disorders also. As the temperature is rising, one should always carry water bottles with them. A change in weather usually lowers our level of appetite. People must make surety for the amount of food intake.

People must eat normal food as the level of all the essential ingredients should be included. A low quantity of diet should have all the needed things i.e. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and Vitamins. A lemon juice will be of much value as it maintains the level of salt in one’s body. Proteins are the main things that should be included in all the diet whether the quantity is high or not. During Summers food which has less non-vegetarian stuff is eaten. People must eat food at small intervals. During summers usually the body temperature is lowered which results in low blood pressure. People must keep an equal level of all the ingredients in the diet.

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