Chandra Grahan 2018: Its Effects and How to reduce the Harmful effects of lunar eclipse

Chandra Grahan 2018: Its Effects and How to reduce the Harmful effects of lunar eclipse

On January 31, 2018, and on the full moon (Poornima) of Magh Shukla Paksha, seems to be a lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan. This eclipse will be visible throughout India. Apart from India, it will start at the time of moonlight in Asia, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Australia, and in some parts of North America, Canada, the salvation of eclipse will be visible. According to the Indian Standard Time, Khagras Chandra Grahan in Assam, Meghalaya, Bengal, Jharkhand, Bihar and in some areas of North-Eastern India will start from 5:19 pm to  8:43 pm. The total duration of Khagras lunar eclipse is 01 hours 17 minutes and the total duration of lunar eclipse will be 3 hours 24 minutes.

What are the effects of Chandra Grahan

According to the astrologists, the effect of this eclipse will fall on the Pushy or Ashleesha constellation and Cancer. Therefore, people and pregnant women should not see this eclipse as those who have Pushy or Ashleesha constellation and Cancer, in the name of calling and birth name. The moon eclipse will take place on January 31, 2018, from 08 to 19 minutes on Wednesday. Child, aged and patient can take food before the duration of the eclipse. Eating, sleeping, and humour should not be humiliated during the eclipse.

How to Reduce the effect of  Chandra Grahan

According to the Astrologists for those Zodiac signs, this eclipse is inauspicious, they have to keep a little bit of Ganga Jal and a small piece of a silver with them for one month (because the effect of eclipse remains for one month only), it will get auspiciousness. At the time of Chandra Grahan, chanting a mantra, Pooja, and Hawan gives more than 1000 times Saintly. When the eclipse begins to subside, people have to give the things to the needy person. This donation should not be given to Brahmins. Giving this charity to needful and Balmiki society brings the auspicious for the people. 

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