Chaitra Navratri 2018: Healthy Tips for people fasting during the Navratri

Chaitra Navratri 2018: Healthy Tips for people fasting during the Navratri

Chaitra Navratri 2018 will begin on March 18 and will conclude by March 26. It is usually observed that people do fasting during Navratri. India is a land of different culture. People who observe fast must follow some different tips to avoid getting ill and face different health issues. Many people face health issues due to this. In a conversation with Newsfolo, Dr. Ekta Aggarwal gave some health tips which should be followed during the fasting to prevent from falling ill. People who observe fast must keep drinking water throughout the day. Water act as a major beverage which prevents dehydration.

People who keep fast must eat sattvik food at small intervals in order to run out of starving. People must check their health measures on the regular interval. During the fast one can drink milk, it is very convenient to drink milk products. Milk is good beverage and it energies the level in one’s body. The food should be eaten at such level where the person’s body is not able to work properly. Potatos are one and they contains high proteins. It will make the person’s body fit. Fruits should be eaten at regular interval as it will maintain the body balance.

If the person’s feels that the body is not responding or if he is feeling very weak. The person must eat healthy fruits and should sleep for some time. In a conversation, Doctor said that feeling weak is a very common thing, one can avoid it by engaging in the some activities. Person should not always sleep. One must drink a lot of water in order to avoid getting weak. People must drink beverage. One must get depended to liquid diet more often. These are some of the tips that should be followed by everyone who is keep fast.

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