Chaitra Navratri 2018 : Affects of astrology on Zodiac sign

Chaitra Navratri 2018 : Affects of astrology on Zodiac sign
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Chaitra Navratri is the Navratri that usually falls in the month of March and April. This year this Navratri will fall on March 18 and will continue till March 26. People perform various Pujas at home and various rituals are performed. People start preparing for these Navratri few days before. This Navratri has some affects on all the Zodiac signs. As the Navratri signifies different things. Growth, Success and prosperity is increased by this in the Navratri. These have huge importance in the Hindu culture. Chaitra Navratri has the large impact on the astrology. Chaitra Navratri has an impact on the zodiac sign.

Affect of Chaitra Navratri on Zodiac Sign:

Aries- Work which has been stopped due to any cause will be continued. Success in the education will be achieved. People will be happy with the success of children.

Taurus- People in the Technical department will be benefitted. People in the writing field will be benefitted.

Gemini- Health will be an issue of concern and person has to be take care of health.

Cancer- Many religious trips are assured. People working in the house will be benefitted.

Leo- Profits will come from all the corners. Health must be taken care of during this.

Virgo– People coming from the Politics background will be benefitted. Educational benefitted are assured.

Libra- Increase in wealth is assured. Educational success is there on the cards. People preparing for education will be given success.

Scorpio- New plans will be made for the Business. Increase in the wealth and reputation is assured.

Sagittarius – Wealth gains are there. Respect will be assured. Professional gains are made.

Capricorn – People belonging to politics background will be gained. Health should be taken care of by doing Yoga.

Aquarius- These people will have a lot of free time. They will be the most happy ones.

Pisces- New jobs are on the cards. Educational benefits are there. The arrival of Wealth is assured.

The Zodiac signs are usually affected by the Chaitra Navratri. One must check all the details here.

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