Blue Moon And Lunar Eclipse visible at different timings in India on January 31, 2018

Blue Moon And Lunar Eclipse visible at different timings in India on January 31, 2018
Written by Mrinalini Mahajan

Blue Moon will be visible in India after two years and eight months. It is the second full moon in one month calendar. The blue moon will pass the earth’s shadow on January 31 to give a lunar eclipse. The January 31 full moon is a series of three straight full moon. It is the first of the two blue moons in 2018 so it is not just a lunar eclipse, it is a blue moon total eclipse. This moon will be closer to the orbit of earth. The evening of January 31st will witness a supermoon, Blue moon and a lunar eclipse.

In Lunar eclipse, the bright, pearly disc of the moon will turn dark. A lunar eclipse will occur when the Sun, Moon and the Earth are aligned for a period of time. During a lunar eclipse, the Moon gets shadowed by Earth. Sunlight passing through the Earth’s atmosphere, break down in its constituent colors and the red part gets scattered by the atmosphere and falls on the Moon’s surface, thus making it take on a reddish copper. For this, the eclipse that will occur on January 31st is also a blood moon.

This eclipse is a blue moon because the full moon has occurred twice once, one on January 2 and other will be on January 31st. In Asia, this type of eclipse will occur after thirty-five years. The last time the same eclipse was witnessed in 1982. Lunar Eclipse occur twice a year but is not necessary that this will occur with the blue moon. Lunar Eclipse can occur with Supermoon. The person living in the North east will be able to see this moon earlier than other people of the country. Other parts of India will get a chance to see this Super blue blood moon between 5:18 PM IST and 6:21 PM IST. The west coast and parts of Rajasthan will see the celestial event from 6:21 PM IST to 7:37 PM IST on January 31.

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