Attuvela Mahotsavam 2018 kerala’s most awaited floating festival

Attuvela Mahotsavam 2018 kerala’s most awaited floating festival

Attuvela Mahotsavam is the most awaited festival of Kerala. This is also known as the floating festival of Kerala. This is a two-day water carnival. Elephants has huge significance as they are considered as the center of attraction for these two days festival. This festival is continued for two days. People from far off places come to witness this festival. It is basically a water carnival. This is celebrated at Elankavu Bhagavathy in Kerala. This festival usually falls on the March and April month. This year Kerala will witness this festival on March 20 and March 21. Goodess Bhagavathy is installed in the temple.

People come from far places to celebrate this festival. It is believed that Goddess Kodungalloor came to meet her sister. In this fond memory, this festival is celebrated with lots of light, pomp and enthusiasm. The goddess is kept at a Attuvela Kadavu, 2 km away from the Vadayar village in Kerala. People come and witness this festival. Many lights are installed and the lights make a very different combination. They convey some sort of message. The Temple where this is celebrated in much known for the Elephant display and other shows loud percussion. This mahotsavam is usually quiet but by the elephant’s display, this festival has marked huge importance.

This festival is celebrated in the Meenam month of the Malayalam calendar. This year it will fall on March 20 and March 21. This two-day festival marks a huge importance in the people living over there. The nearest airport for getting to this place is Cochin International Airport. This festival is a beautiful scenario for the people who comes from far places to see this beautiful place. This Temple is located at a place where all the basic needs of the people coming from far-off places are met. This festival lasts for two days in the month of March.

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