83% parents believe almonds are best snack for kids: Survey

Written by Priyanka sarangi

Almonds can be called ancient dry fruit as from years and generations we are noticing that our parents and grandparents always prefer almonds for us instead of peanuts or cashew nuts when it comes to healthy snacking for children. Almonds have a great nutritional value as a 100 gram serving works as a rich source of B vitamins riboflavin and niacin, Vitamin E and essential minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous and zinc. You must be surprised but its true that this one almond has so much in it and therefore nearly 83 per cent of parents feel that consuming almonds  makes their children remain more energetic throughout the day

The survey, led by market research company Ipsos, found that 94 per cent of mothers in both Tier I and II cities, rank “almonds specifically” as the healthiest form of snacking. Parents believe that almonds help boost brain development and are essential for healthy and stronger bones in addition to providing a daily dose of energy. A well-timed snack can even out spikes in hunger and provide a much-needed energy boost between meals.  Hence, it is important to ensure we incorporate healthy snacking habits by munching on healthier options like fruits or a handful of nutritious almonds that promote feelings of fullness while also keeping your child energised through the day.

Further, the survey revealed that a whopping 94 per cent of affluent urban parents in Mumbai choose healthier options of snacks for their children all the time, followed by Delhi (92 per cent), Nagpur (92 per cent) and Coimbatore (87 per cent). Across cities, fruits, biscuits and almonds are the three most popular snacking options that parents prefer between meals and when hunger strikes their children.

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