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Yogini Ekadashi 2018: Vrat Festival July, Date, Time, Importance and Shubh Muhurat

Yogini Ekadashi 2018: Vrat Festival July, Date, Time, Importance and Shubh Muhurat
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Ashadh Krishna Ekadashi is known as Yogini Ekadashi. The significance(Importance) of this Ekadashi is famous for all people. This time it is on 9th July. To get rid of the curse, this fast is similar to Kalpatara. With the effect of this fast, all kinds of skin diseases get rid of. A devotee of Ekadashi should keep his mind steady and calm. Do not bring any kind of hatred or anger in the mind. Do not condemn others. On this day, Lord Vishnu is being worshiped and people devotees keep fast all day. It is believed that by doing this fast, the person gets rid of all kinds of sins and he gets salvation after death.

Yogini Ekadashi 2018 Shubh Muhurat

10 July 2018 Passing time (open time): 05:51 to 08:31

Timed out on the date of transition: 18:45

Ekadashi Date Start: 8 July 2018 from 23:30

Ekadashi Date End: 9 July 2018 21:27

Yogini Ekadashi Vrat Katha

According to mythological texts, Kuber was ruled by a king named Alkapuri. Which was the supreme devotee of Lord Shiva. He used to give fresh flowers to Shiva everyday. A gardener named Hem used to bring fresh flowers to the king every day. But one-day Hemmali began to cry with his wife while giving flowers to the king. After waiting for a long time, when the gardener did not arrive with the flower, the king came in anger and ordered his servants to find Hemmali. The servants came back and told the king that the gardener is still touring with his wife. On this, King Kuber ordered Hemmali to call him. When Hemmali reached there, the king came in anger and cursed him that you would be separated from the woman and would be leprosy in the deceased. With the curse of the king, that same moment fell into the earth and leprosy. Where he has suffered a lot.

But due to the devotion of Shiva, his memory was not lost. After this, he moved to the Himalaya Mountains. Where he found a sage. When the sage asked the reason behind his leprosy, he told the whole story and asked for help for his evacuation. On this, the sage told him that you will fast for the Yogini Ekadashi of the Krishna party of the month of Ashadh, by doing this fast your sins will be destroyed. While following the words of Muni, Hemmali made a vow of Yogini Ekadashi. So that the leprosy of his body was removed and he was completely happy.

How to follow Yogini Ekadashi Vrat or fast?

On this day, take a vow of fast after the bath. It is said that it is auspicious to use mud or sesame coating for bathing. Place an Aquarius after the bath, on which the statue of Lord Vishnu is kept. Keep the sunshine, lamps, etc. prepared for worship and worship them only. Lord Vishnu on the night of Yogini Ekadashi, after worshiping the next day, give food and donation to the Brahmin, then take a meal and open the fast.


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