Yamunanagar city of smoke which is not behind Delhi in terms of Pollution

Yamunanagar city of smoke which is not behind Delhi in terms of Pollution

Yamuna Nagar district of Haryana, which is just 60km away from Modi government ambitious smart city Karnal, facing the serious problem of pollution. The high level of pollution of the city (Yamunanagar) making it lie on the ventilator. Pollution is increasing day by day in this city. In an RTI query, it was revealed that Yamunanagar has around 176 polluting industries, out of which six were major polluters. These industries through heavy metals freely into the water of Yamuna river and polluting the river which causes serious health hazards not only to the people of Haryana but also to the people of its neighboring city of Delhi.

Various plywood, metal and utensils industries, sugar mill, ISGEC, paper mill and thermal power plant etc many industries are in a city which causing various health problem to local people. According to media sources, the river Yamuna that runs through it receives around 200 million liters of domestic and non-domestic waste that is discharged by Haryana into it every day. This waste not only pollutes the river but also make its water unfit for drinking. Moreover, it becomes a reason for chronic diseases for the people of this city.

Last year, the thermal plants built by Reliance Infra in the region received poor quality Chinese equipment along with shoddy workmanship, as has been acknowledged by Haryana Generation Power Corporation Limited (HPGCL). It was also noted that difficulties are faced by the engineers in reading and understanding the designs of boilers, auxiliaries, and turbines, due to contents are written in the Chinese language. The government must take steps to be self-reliant in this direction, instead of relying on substandard Chinese replacements.

According to a survey, it was found that the major type of pollution which is faced in Yamunanagar was noise (31%), water (26%), air (26%) and land (17%). Noise pollution was noticed in sugar mill area of maximum (82%), water (64%) and air (26%). However, the thermal power plant (42%) responded more to air pollution problems. The main thing is that all these industries are near to each other and people living over their dying with chronic diseases. The problem of rodents, flies, and mosquitoes was also found to be more in these areas due to high generation of solid waste near all these mills. The pollution level was found higher in day-time (57%) compared to early morning and night-time (35% and17% respectively).

Yamuna Nagar is a district in the state Haryana which is noticed as malnourished. Around 35% children are underweight, while 14% are suffering from wasting. Children should be saved from such malnutrition that may not only adversely affect their health but can also become the reason for their death.

The most prominent disease was found in these areas is asthma, cancer, interstitial lung disease, vasculitis, malaria, typhoid, and diarrhea etc.

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