Yamuna Expressway: 24 Vehicle pile on leaves 7 injured

Yamuna Expressway: 24 Vehicle pile on leaves 7 injured

Yamuna Expressway has yet again been a place for another horrific accident. There has been a 24 Vehicle pile on at the expressway, because the visibility due to the smog was poor and due to the thickness, the drivers probably weren’t able to see the vehicles before them and slammed head first into each other. There haven’t been any reports about casualties, but seven people were left injured as everybody struggled to leave their vehicle and run for the side of the road, to take safety. The eye witness’ have uploaded several videos of the accidents, and it looks like that drivers really couldn’t see much further in the smog.

This isn’t the first time an accident has taken place at the Yamuna Expressway. A week ago, a school bus, bound to Agra and bearing little children turned upside down because of a burst tire and left several severely injured and one dead.

Yamuna Expressway is meant to bridge the gap between cities and states, but the recent accidents have made it a dangerous territory for people who are traveling through it. The thick smog isn’t helping either, as Arvind Kejrival has assured that the government will be taking steps to recover from the smog.


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