India : Jio Phone booking website crashes with Server and time out error : Jio Phone booking website crashes with Server and time out error

Reliance Jio Phone website , hosting online booking platform for phone  crashed due to heavy inflow of users. Users were able to see ‘Failure of server APACHE bridge’ message along with the text ‘No backend server available for connection: timed out after 10 seconds’ for few minutes. Reliance Jio website seems to crashed on intermittent intervals with issue of connection time out and ‘Content Server Error’. Users who wants to book Jio Phone can do the booking on website later when the becomes stable, by paying Rs 500 for the phone

Jio Phone the new true Freedom 251 ?

Few months ago a small startup called Ringing Bells made news with the announcement of Rs 251 smart phone. Analysts and guru marked it as a gimmick and a fraudulent strategy to gulp buyers money. Some remarked it as a part of Ponzi Scheme Strategy, So question arises, why users will show faith for Reliance Jio Phone

Reliance business strategy revolves around getting their profits in a long run from mobile network connection rather then the handset. Plus Reliance is an enormous sized organization with abundance yearly revenue along with surplus reserve.

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