Happy Friendship Day 2018: Gift ideas for your Best friends

Happy Friendship Day 2018: Gift ideas for your Best friends

Friendship day was first purposed to celebrate in South American countries, it was first marked in 1958 at Paraguay as the international friendship day. This day is celebrated across the world in honor to celebrate harmony and peace among the group of friends. In 2011 friendship day was announced as international friendship day on July 30th, yet this day is celebrated on First Sunday of the August in India, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. The celebration of this is popular followed by the tradition of gift exchange like greeting cards, Flowers, wristbands and more. In case you haven’t planned what to buy for your dear friends or best friends, here are some ideas. Friendship is unconditional love which comes with no price tag so doing something special for your friends is bliss.

In 1997, UN General Assembly taken initiative with follow up the proposal made by UNESCO aiming the culture of peace as the set of values. This highlighted children education right through non-violence culture program of peace. Further in 1999, this program was adopted under in order for economic and social development at rural area.

Here are some friendship day Gift Ideas for your Best friends 

Photo Album – Nothing like gifting your friend an album holding your memorable moments.

Photo calendar- Well how about 365 days filled with cherished memories.

Friendship band & Bracelets- Nothing like making new friends or rebounding your friendship with friendship band or bracelets. Get them to customize or buy the trending one in his/her favorite color.

Mug & Sipper- Give your friends something which will remind them of you in your absence.  Add pictures of both of or quotation to add some sweetness.

Flowers– How about a surprise of fresh flowers on friendship day. Add some chocolates for sweet tooth friends.

Book- If your book lover in your friend list, nothing like gifting them a book of their interest.

Handmade Cards- Remember how in your childhood handmade cards were the best gift. How about discovering your creative side and shower some extra love.

Keychain-  Some gifts ideas don’t go out of trends, Keychain is one of it. Gift him/her with their initials. Choose some lasting impressions by choosing different style or designs.

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