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On this World Environment Day take a pledge to Stop using Plastic

On this World Environment Day take a pledge to Stop using Plastic

Environmental pollution is an incurable disease. It can only be prevented. – Barry Commoner

On 5th June World Environment Day is celebrated all across the globe. This day is assigned by the United Nations (UN) to help prevent the pollution and fast-paced environmental degradation and make the people aware about the problems the pollution brings. Started in the year 1972, the World Environment Day has now grown to a global scale just like pollution has. Each year, a theme is assigned to the Environment Day and this year’s theme is “Beat Plastic Pollution”. To try to prevent the further degradation of the environment each year UN urges the governments, industries, communities, individuals of various countries to come together and explore the sustainable alternatives which would be healthy for the environment and the planet.

This year India will play a major role in the celebration of World Environment Day as the representatives of United Nations will be coming to the capital city New Delhi. Along with the UN officials people from various parts of the world will gather in New Delhi for the celebration. Acting as a host India should set an example to prevent the further degradation of the country’s ecosystem and environment due to plastic. As India is already seeing serious levels of pollution, be it water pollution (all the major rivers polluted, shortage of clean water), air pollution (certain parts of the country suffer from an abnormal amount of Particulate Matter in air), land pollution (plastic, garbage and non-biodegradable wastes thrown everywhere), it becomes the country’s and its inhabitant’s responsibility to prevent the pollution by using degradable products and try to help the environment on their level.

Few days earlier several reports came that reported the death of marine life on a large scale due to consumption of plastics and plastic wastes present in the ocean. Needless to say that the use of plastic and plastic products has put a severe problem for us to face because of its non-degradable quality. Its not just a problem of humans, its not just creates problems for animals who unknowingly consume the plastic and suffer severe consequences, its not just a problem of any one living being but it is a problem of all the life forms present on earth – Flora or Fauna. But most importantly, it creates problems for the Earth itself.

World Environment Day, a day where humans come together to try to ‘undo’ what they already’did’ but fail time and time again. The results of their success is so slow that the pollution is eating away our planet and all the lives in it. But still there is hope that if we all come together and act on the problem of pollution then we could prevent it if not cure it and we can start contributing to the curing of environment by rejecting plastic and plastic products.

And like the old saying goes, Prevention is better than Cure, and such is in the case of pollution.


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