World Book Day 2018, to celebrate the written word

World Book Day 2018, to celebrate the written word

World Book Day is celebrated every year on April 23, to encourage reading, writing, and knowledge of literature in people across the world. It was first organized in 1995  by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and cultural Organizations. All across the world, the day is celebrated as people spread awareness about the importance of Books in the life of people, and how literature has evolved throughout the evolution of men and the civilizations. Many people also talk about how Books have made a difference in their lives, and others quote lines from their favorite authors as a way to celebrate their legacy.

However, there are different dates for the day, as in England, it is celebrated on the first Thursday in March, and in Sweden it is organized on April 13, the change was made to avoid clashes with the Easter holidays.

The social media has become one of the best platforms for people’s interaction with each others, and it is also another tool to spread the awareness about how important the act of reading and knowledge is in one’s life. The written word is especially important, as it liberates us from the stress of the day, a good story which is able to take us to someplace else. Others also highlight the necessity of copyright, ethics in publishing and how Books should be available to every person around the world.

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