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Women’s should produce Sanskari Kids or remain Infertile, BJP MLA’s advice

Women’s should produce Sanskari Kids or remain Infertile, BJP MLA’s advice

In Madhya Pradesh’s Guna, BJP legislator Pannalal Shakya has given a statement about the women in which he is talking about ‘Sanskari Children‘. MLA Pannalal Shakya(who represents Guna assembly seat in the Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha) has advised women to remain infertile rather than giving birth to kids who are not ‘sanskari’ (cultured). The controversial statement of another legislator from the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party has come out just after another BJP MLA Surendra Singh Compared Govt Officials to the Prostituests. Now during addressing a program in Madhya Pradesh, BJP Lawmaker said that the Congress came with the slogan “Garibi Hatao“, but it only removed the poor people. He slammed the Congress and said the grand old party ‘manufactured’ leaders formulated wrong policies and they be blamed for the current state of the economy.

“Women should rather remain infertile than produce kids who are not ‘sanskari’ and who deform society”. He added. Previously, he had grabbed media attention when he slammed the Indian Skipper Virat Kohli and questioned for his marriage with Anushka Sharma in Italy. Pannalal Shakya had said,”Virat earned money in India, but he did not get anywhere in India to get married. Hindustan is so untouchable”. ‘Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Vikramaditya, Yudhisthira were married on this land. All of you will have or have to be. But no one goes abroad for marriage. Kohli earned money here and splurged millions of rupees in Italy on his marriage.


Earlier, Pannalal Shakya had expressed his opinion over rising conflicts of crime cases against women. He said,”women are worshipped in India, so he won’t believe that they are subjected to atrocities”. He had even advised girls not to make boyfriends as it leads to harassment and asked boys to refrain from embracing the western culture of making girlfriends. He said, “Recently a journalist asked me why crime against women is rising in MP. I posed a counter-question, tell me why do girls have boyfriends? If girls don’t make boyfriends, there will be no harassment,” he replied.

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