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Women Reservation: Rahul Gandhi wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi

Women Reservation: Rahul Gandhi wrote a letter to PM Narendra Modi

Congress has demanded 33 percent reservation for women in Parliament and Legislative Assemblies. Congress President Rahul Gandhi wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this. According to some news sources, Rahul Gandhi has said in the letter that the government should come with the Women Reservation Bill. Congress will give their full support on this. Indian Mahila Congress issued a letter at a press conference at 12.30 pm. This is not the first time that the Congress has raised the issue of passing the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament. Earlier in September 2017, Congress President Sonia Gandhi wrote a letter to Modi saying that your government has a majority in the Lok Sabha and you can pass the Women’s Reservation Bill, the Congress party will support it.

The women reservation bill passed from the Rajya Sabha in 2010 but could not be passed from the Lok Sabha, the amendment to the constitution for women reservation was to be amended. There is no provision for reservation of women in Parliament and Assembly in the Constitution. In 1993, one-third of the seats in the Panchayat and the city bodies were reserved for the women through 73rd and 74th amendments in the Constitution.

Why demand for women reservation?

Demand for women’s reservation started because women in the constitution got equal rights. The Constitution also gives women the right to take steps to empower women along with equal right. According to Article 14, women have the right to equality, Article 39D talks about eliminating similar traditions that harm women and women equal pay and Article 51 a women’s honor.

Women’s participation in India’s politics?

There are 545 MPs in the Lok Sabha, out of which only 66 are women. Records of the Rajya Sabha, there are a total of 245 MPs out of which only 23 are women MPs. Of the 76 ministers of Modi Government, only 9 women are ministers. Among the states all over the country, there are only 3 women in across 29 states of India.

India Top Women Leaders

India Top Women Leaders

There are a total of one lakh 6 thousand women Sarpanch in the country. You might be surprised to know That no woman legislator has yet been elected in Nagaland.

What will happen if the women reservation bill will be passed?

Of the 543 Lok Sabha seats, 179 seats will be reserved for women. Of the 4120 seats in the state legislatures, 1360 will be reserved for women.

Women Reservation Bill Previous History

Women’s reservation bill was first introduced in Parliament in 1996. In 1996, PM HD Deve Gowda’s government brought women reservation bill. On 9th March 2010, the Women’s Reservation Bill was passed in Rajya Sabha. There was no voting on this bill ever in the Lok Sabha. Last year, Sonia Gandhi demanded to bring the Women’s Reservation Bill back to Lok Sabha by writing a letter to PM Modi.


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