Women CRPF soldiers to tackle stone pelting crisis in Jammu and Kashmir

Women CRPF soldiers to tackle stone pelting crisis in Jammu and Kashmir
Written by Abhishek Rana

Central Reserve Police Force has now begun training women commandos to tackle the stone pelting situation in Jammu and Kashmir. The stone pelting crisis in the valley has caused a lot of injuries to people, deaths, and damage to the reputation of the forces. Women have also joined the crowds in pelting at the soldiers, which has made it difficult to control them, and keep them from being harmed by brute forces. The women are going to be trained vigorously, like being blindfolded so that they can deal in no light regions, and to repair guns in less than a minute.

The Central Government set up an expert committee on June 26 to decide if there could be less dangerous and effective ways to lower the Stone pelting incidents, or to combat the aggressors without the use of pellet guns, and tear gasses.

The government had ordered the forces to cease fire in the holy month of Ramzan, but, the reports of the terrorist attacks in the valley showed that the violence had intensified to 100 percent, which was highly alarming. Rajnath Singh then announced on his twitter page that the government had removed the restriction on cease fire, because it is necessary to stop the terrorists from committing violence toward the residents and the forces.

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