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Will Hindu-Muslim conflicts make India No.1 Country; Arvind Kejriwal

Will Hindu-Muslim conflicts make India No.1 Country; Arvind Kejriwal
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal attacked PM Narendra Modi on the education issue. He said,”that the way the PM is doing ‘Hindu-Muslim’, it is clear that in the last four years, the central government has not achieved anything. This statement of Kejriwal came after the visit of PM Modi at Azamgarh(UP), in which PM Modi had accused the Congress of being a Muslim party only. While attacking, Kejriwal raised questions in front of PM Modi and said that if Hindu-Muslim Politics would make India the number one country? He further said that on one side PM Modi is chanting the chants of Hindu-Muslim, on the other hand, America, Japan, France, England are working for big technology like Nano-Technology.

Delhi CM Kejriwal had come to attend a national level conference of Aam Aadmi Party. During this event, he said, “Narendra Modi is doing Hindu-Muslim politics last four years of NDA Government, then it is clear that his government has not achieved anything.” Kejriwal said education is the only option which can make the country number one. He alleged that the central government didn’t work in the field of education in the last 70 years.

He further said that Indians are the most intelligent in the world. But because of dirty politics, a large population is being prevented from being literate. People of our country are in the largest companies in the world, Indians are at the top position of top companies.

Previously, PM Modi attacked the Congress on Saturday. In the meantime, while questioning about the Congress is a Muslims’ party, it was a question asked that whether it is a party of Muslim men or even a Muslim woman party. Their point was towards the case of the three divorce cases.

At least do something for Hindus

Kejriwal tweeted that the BJP says that it is a party of Hindus. So at least they should provide the job to children of our Hindus, they should give the good education for the children of Hindus, at least do something for someone.

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