Whatsapp Down : Service outage in India and globally affect millions

Whatsapp Down : Service outage in India and globally affect millions

Whatsapp went down today morning in India including in several other country parts globally. Affected users were unable to send or receive messages to one another. While it was not working Whatsapp users confirmed issue problem on several social networking sites. According to down director of social networking site, there was issue in Europe but seems it affected other countries including India as well.

People were in panic across the world due to the problem of Whatapp connection. People use other networking sites like Facebook, Gtalk or twitter for their normal messages to stay connected with their friends. Down detector showed various affected regions including Malaysia, Thailand, Several parts in Europe, Australia, South China and India.

Many people tweet and share their problem related to WhatsAppp as one user tweet “First we open WhatsApp, then we open Twitter to know if #whatsappdown is for everyone,” while the other Twitter user said, “Whatsapp is down, I repeat Whatsapp is down”. One user also marks it a problem as a global warning and tweet, “ppl are reacting on WhatsApp down as if its a major problem like global warming.” People also make many jokes on twitter, related to whatsaap down.

Six months back in May also WhatsApp user faced a problem as service was down for a few hours in many countries of the world including Malaysia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, and Britain. 

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