Section 377 verdict: What CJI Dipak Mishra said on Homosexuality?

Section 377 verdict: What CJI Dipak Mishra said on Homosexuality?
Written by Abhishek Lohia

Section 377 verdict: The Supreme Court has ruled out the gay sex (gay sex, homosexuality) as a natural rule, and has excluded it from the category of crime. The Court, while canceling section 377 of the Constitution, has said that gay sex or relationship is not a crime. In addition to the CJI Deepak Mishra in the Bench who was hearing the section 377, Justice Rohinton Nariman, Justice D.V. Chandrachud, Justice AM Khanvilkar and Justice Indu Malhotra were also involved. Let’s know about these judges and what did they say on section 377? CJI Deepak Mishra has heard many important and historical cases in the Supreme Court. He dismissed the petition seeking the ban on the death sentence of Yakub Menon, convicted of the Mumbai serial blast. He maintained the hanging of Delhi gangrape (Nirbhaya) killers.

Justice Dipak Mishra Full Details and Life History

Dipak Mishra is the 45th Chief Justice of the country. Justice Mishra’s tenure is being completed on October 2. Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary is on October 2. In such a case, Justice Mishra will retire on October 1. Born in 1953, Mishra started advocating in February 1977. He was adjudged Additional Judge of the Orissa High Court on January 17, 1996. Subsequently, he was transferred to the Madhya Pradesh High Court in 1997. Justice Mishra was made Chief Justice of Patna High Court in 2009. In 2010, he was posted as the Chief Justice of Delhi High Court. He was made the judge of the Supreme Court in October 2011.

What did Justice Dipak Mishra say on Gay Sex or Section 377?

CJI Dipak Mishra said, “Everyone has to change their view of homosexuality. Everyone will have to look alike. Homosexuality is wrong to say or say crime. The rights of homosexuals are like other citizens. We should respect each other’s rights and show humanity. Being unable to express himself is like dying. ‘

Before the end of his tenure, the CJI Dipak Mishra is going to announce the decision on several Important issues like; Aadhaar Issue, the Ayodhya title suit, the entry of women in Sabarimala temple, and the promotion of SC / ST reservation in promotions.

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