West Bengal wins battle over rosogolla sweet origin from Odisha today

West Bengal wins battle over rosogolla sweet origin from Odisha today

On Tuesday, West Bengal has finally won the battle over rasgulla or rosogolla after more than two years. As per the reports today, the Chennai based geographical indications registry has announced that India’s signature sweet rasgulla is belonged to West Bengal state, not in Odisha. The battle over rasgulla between Odisha and West Bengal going since two years and finally, it is settled under the GI Act. Now West Bengal got the GI status for rasgulla. A GI Geographical indication is a sign which used on products to describe the specific geographical origin, qualities and reputation.

As per the reports, From 2015 Odisha and West Bengal indulge into the bitter fight over the GI registration of rosogolla. And since then this famous sweet became news for everyone across India. However, West Bengal got the victory as the Chief Minister of West Bengal poured on Twitter with her happiness over the rosogolla win. She wrote that they are happy and proud that Bengal has finally granted the Geographical Indication status for rosogolla. Now with this Geographical Indication now rosogolla belongs to Bengal, not Odisha.

The fight between Odisha and West Bengal escalated after the Odisha’s science and technology minister Pradip Kumar Panigrahi set up committees to trace the origin of Rosogolla. And they also move forward to declare Odisha as the origin of Rasagolla Dibasa. Late on, West Bengal government decided to take a stand on rosogolla origin and claim legally to provide the evidence of rosogolla dessert. Now the day of celebration for West Bengal is here after the win over rosogolla origin.

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