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No-Confidence motion LIVE Updates; Mallikarjun kharge slams BJP

No-Confidence motion LIVE Updates; Mallikarjun kharge slams BJP

No-Confidence motion LIVE Updates; Shiv Sena abstain from voting: Today’s discussion on No-confidence motion will start from 11 AM in Parliament against the Modi government and after that, voting will be followed. While victory is being claimed by the NDA government, the opposition is confident that the government will get an opportunity to expose the government through the motion of no confidence. The time for speaking of all parties in the motion of no confidence has been decided. According to the number of parties, the time has decided. BJP got 3 hours and 33 minutes to speak, while Congress has only 38 minutes. Union Minister of State Giriraj Singh made a joke of Rahul Gandhi’s statement “Whenever I will speak in Parliament, an earthquake will come”. He tweeted – Get ready for the earthquake fun. 

No-trust motion in Lok Sabha LIVE Updates

6:00 PM IST- In Most of the places, BJP lost in the bye-elections. These results proves that people are not happy with their work – Tariq Anwar, NCP MP

5:30 PM IST- Congress sends electricity to 6 lakh houses – Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress MP

5:00 PM IST- Changes in the SC-ST Act are not approved. If necessary, the ordinance will be brung. -Ramvilas Paswan, Union Minister

4:15 PM IST- Mobs lynching incidents are unfortunate. I have asked state governments to make strict laws – Rajnath Singh, Home Minister

3:15 PM IST- Aam Aadmi Party Leader and famous poet Kumar Vishwas take a joke after Rahul Gandhi winked in Parliament.

3:00 PM IST- Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s loss of ‘nocturnal speaker’ was clearly seen during the debate in the House on Friday. In his speech, he repeated the same things he often did in his election rallies. Today’s things were the same which he had said during his public outrage rally in Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan in April this year. His speech started with Jumla no.1, Jumla no.2, and ended on an accusation.

2:45 PM IST- Earthquake was too high as Rahul Gandhi give under the shadow of Prime Minister Narendra Modi- Smriti Irani

2:30 PM IST- At the end of his speech on the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi said, ‘I am Pappu for you, I can hate for you in your heart, but I love you very much.’

2:15 PM IST- The duty of the PM is to make the country know the point of your heart. Today there is no attack on any person but Ambedkar ji’s constitution is attacked. Modi ministers put garlands in the throats of slaughters – Rahul Gandhi

1:40 PM IST- Lok Sabha session has been suspended for 10 minutes, it will resume at 1:45 PM IST

1:30 PM IST- PM Modi goes to China without any agenda. Modi’s debt has forgiven the 2.5 million richest people. Farmers keep asking for – Rahul Gandhi

1:20 PM IST- Nirmala Sitaraman is defending the BJP

1:00 PM IST- Rahul Gandhi slams Amit shah’s son Jay Shah over the Black money issue.

12:45 PM IST- You are the victim of a 21st-century political weapon and you are not the only one. The political weapon is called the ‘jumla strike’: Congress President Rahul Gandhi to TDP in Lok Sabha

11:57 AM IST- Jaydev Galla presented the motion of no confidence. He said that the proposal was supported by the Aam Aadmi Party, CPI, CPM, Congress, Samajwadi Party and Trinamool Congress.

11:55 AM IST- He said that today is the ‘litmus test’ of this Parliament.

11:50 AM IST- The Galla has said that Andhra Pradesh should be granted special status. Modi government has forgotten the promise of granting special state status to Andhra

11:40 AM IST-  Galla has said that the situation of BJP in Andhra Pradesh will be as it would be of Congress. We are cursing the Modi government.

11:35 AM IST- TDP says that after the state split, Andhra Pradesh has suffered financial loss. The Central Government did not have any help from Andhra Pradesh.

11:30 AM IST- A seven-hour time has been fixed for discussion on the non-confidence motion. From the government itself, five big leaders and ministers, including PM Modi, will participate in the debate.

11:20 AM IST- TDP has said that due to the Modi Government the challenges have arisen. The government has done injustice to us. Loans have been imposed on Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh is very difficult. TRS MPs are committing amidst TDP’s speech

11:10 AM IST- Shiv Sena will abstain from voting, multiple reports are suggesting. MP Sanjay Raut had earlier said, the “nation is concerned about the stand of Shiv Sena. Our party will make the right decision.”

11:00 AM IST- A no-confidence motion is a Parliamentary floor test that demonstrates to the ruling government that the elected parliament no longer has confidence in them. Every member of the Lok Sabha has the right to move a no-confidence motion if s/he feels that the elected government does not enjoy the majority of the House.

10:40 AM IST- The Shiv Sena’s stand is not clear yet. Repeatedly the statements of party leaders are about to create confusion

10:30 AM IST- The Shiv Sena, a coalition partner of the Modi government, has now decided that he will not vote against the Modi government regarding the no-confidence motion.

10:20 AM IST- Before discussing on the no-confidence motion, Shiv Sena attacked the Modi government in Samana. Now the news is that the Shiv Sena has told all its MPs that the party will clear its stand at 10:30 in the morning and take a decision on the motion of no confidence.

10:00 AM IST- In the debate related to the motion of unbelief, Jabalpur MP Rakesh Singh of the party and MP from Delhi, Meenakshi will participate in a written debate from the BJP in Parliament. Home Minister Rajnath Singh and party MP Arjun Meghwal intervene in the debate. MP Harsimrat Kaur from NDA ally Shiromani Akali Dal will also interact in the debate.

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