Vivek Tiwari Murder Case: Was Vivek Tiwari a Terrorist? Then how Police can shoot him

Vivek Tiwari Murder Case: Was Vivek Tiwari a Terrorist? Then how Police can shoot him

Was he a terrorist that police shot at him? We choose Yogi Adityanath as our representative, we want him to take cognizance of the incident and also demand an unbiased CBI inquiry: Vishnu Shukla, brother-in-law of deceased Vivek Tiwari told during an interview. Kalpana Tiwari, wife of deceased Vivek Tiwari says, “Police had no right to shoot at my husband, demand UP CM to come here & talk to me.” He injured & later succumbed to injuries after a police personnel shot at his car late last night, on noticing suspicious activity. An incident in Uttar Pradesh’s capital, Lucknow has given rise to many questions, including putting people in the can. There is a charge that a person has shot died by UP Police. The incident happened in Gomtinagar, the posh area of Lucknow, where an area manager of Apple Vivek Tiwari was shot by the UP police. While the Constable, who is refusing to accept his own mistake, the wife of the deceased has sought an answer from Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

After the police action, people are questioning about the modules and the working Strategies of UP Police? Vivek Tiwari’s wife said that the police told us that he (Vivek Tiwari) was in a car with an unfortunate situation with his colleague. Who gave this authority to the police that instead of stopping shoot Vivek? I need answers What is the law that Yogi Ji made in UP? Who was in the offensive circumstances even if the police is fired? The Supreme Court has just passed the verdict on Section 497. Any matter what the police can do, even then?


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