Virat Kohli smashes Brian Lara’s record for most centuries in Tests

Virat Kohli smashes Brian Lara’s record for most centuries in Tests
Written by Abhishek Rana

Virat Kohli seems to be in an astonishing form, as he has now smashed Brian Lara’s record for most centuries in Test Matches. Brian had  a record for five double centuries in the test matches. Virat had previously made a record of three consecutive centuries in three Test Matches, becoming the first Captain to achieve such accomplishment. Kohli began the match on day 2 as he had already scored 156 and then went on to achieve his second century. He has now competition with Sachin Tendulkar, who has a whopping 6 double centuries and Virendar Sehwag, who has 4 double and even better and rarer, two triple centuries. Steve Smith still has the record of the making 5000 runs in mere 97 innings.

Kohli has now become the second cricketer to achieve this milestone, Joe root being the first one to smash the ceiling of the scores. Don Bradman has record for the fastest 5000 run scores, in a shocking 57 innings.

Virat Kohli has not only proved to be great Captain, but has also shown astonishing personal efforts, and is now being praised for reaching this great milestone while also being at the helm of his team, He has become the best example of a sportsman who can show that India is still and will be great country to offer the world’s best sportsmen.

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