Vijay Mallya summoned to PMLA court, to appear on August 27 2018

Vijay Mallya summoned to PMLA court, to appear on August 27 2018

Vijay Mallya, fugitive and tycoon, has dismissed Enforcement Directorate official claiming that he is ready to make a plea bargain, as he tweeted on his page, “Media reports quote an ED official stating that I am attempting a plea bargain. Would respectfully suggest that the official read the ED charge sheet first.” He is now summoned by a special PMLA court in Mumbai to appear before it on August 27 2018. The action has been taken in relation to Enforcement Directorate plea seeking justice under the Fugitive Economic offenders ordinance in the fraud of Rs 9,ooo crore that has been commited by Mallya.

A second charge sheet had been filed by the ED, and the special judge, took notice of it, because it deals with Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) cases, and issued the sentence to the fleeing mogul.

If Mallya doesn’t comply to the order of the court, he could be declared a fugitive and an economic offender by the authorities. He, and his company, Kingfisher Airlines which has now become non-functional owes the government, Rs 9,ooo crores, which also include all the loans that he was granted by the banks. This week, Mallya released an open letter, and said that he had been been accused by the government and the media of having stolen Rs 9, ooo crores that had been granted to him as loans for his company. He appeared exceedingly bitter about his situation in the letter, and poster boy for bank fraud and a reason to be hated by the public. He has become one of the most notorious businessmen from India for evading justice continually, sometimes narrowly. But since he seems to be very antagonistic with the government it is unlikely that he is going to to worsen his situation by appearing in the court and getting arrested.

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