Vijay Mallya attends UK extradition hearing, agrees to pay dues to Indian Banks

Vijay Mallya attends UK extradition hearing, agrees to pay dues to Indian Banks
Written by Abhishek Rana

Vijay Mallya was granted bail today, by the Westminster court and will have to appear for the next hearing in the extradition case on September 12 2018. However, Vijay has finally agreed to pay all the dues to banks in India. He is willing to sell that amount to 14,000 crore. He still disagrees with the claims of money laundering. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Enforcement Directorate (ED) are going to present the case for India in the United Kingdom court. Mallya has insisted that he has made a comprehensive offer before the Karnataka court.

On the topic of his imprisonment in India, he has complained that there is no natural light in Indian Jails, and Judge Emma Arbouthnot has now asked for the video of the cell that is situated in the Arthur Road jail in Mumbai, to see if the circumstances and facilities are adequate for the mogul.

She said that the photographs that were provided by the officials is not enough substance in them to qualify. She asked if the if the officials can shoot at prison in broad daylight, so that she’d be able to see sunlight and if the windows can pick any natural light into the cell. Vijay’s lawyer have alleged that the jail cell doesn’t have access to sunlight, and the judge has suggested that a video of a man entering the cell be granted to the court for further review.

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