Vijay Diwas 2017: Great Memories of National Achievement

Vijay Diwas 2017: Great Memories of National Achievement
Written by Shilpi Gupta

16 December as a Vijay Diwas is a significant date for India. This is a symbol of success, patriotism, and commitment. It also, makes us aware that as a nation, we have achieved a lot and working together to take the country to its fixed place. We should be united and positive. The time of the India-Pakistan conflict of 1971, produces nostalgia (past fascination). The Indian political system was in its best form, which provided the necessary leadership during the crisis. The political opposition and the government worked together, to support the Indian Armed Forces.Then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi gave the necessary freedom to the army chief (who later became Field Marshal) Sam Manekshaw, which is necessary for any army at that time.

The Armed Forces also gave the results according to the trust shown in them. The year 1971, was the year of the bravery of the three armies. Major Hoshiar Singh – Paramveer Chakra, Second Lieutenant Arun Khetpal – Paramveer Chakra, Lance Naik Albert Ekka – Paramveer Chakra, Flight Lieutenant Nirmaljeet Sekhon – Paramveer Chakra, and Capt MN Mulla – Mahaveer Chakra, are all registered as National Heroes in our collective memory.

In less than fourteen days, with the help of the IAF and the Navy, the Indian army shook the fortress of the Pakistani army and reached the outskirts of Dhaka. It was such a strategy, which is now known as the unsurpassed strategy. Pakistan had enough fuses and so many resources, that he could fight till the end. But with the growing political diplomatic and military pressure, India got good fortune.

The Pakistani army surrendered in bulk and 93 thousand war ceasefire, were there in Indian hands. The Vijay Diwas or a Victory Day has a lot of symbolic significance for the ability of the armed forces, bravery, patriotism, sacrifice, and expression of national assimilation.

The war of 1971 needs to be recorded better in history books, films, museums, art objects, and monuments so that their memories continue in the collective memory of the nation.

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