Verdict on 2G scam to be delivered today

Verdict on 2G scam to be delivered today

A special court will likely give a verdict on the 2G scam, and to one of the minister accused of corruption, A Raja, who is accused of manipulating the policy and TRAI’s recommendations, and violation of law (TRAI Act) and other settled law against a lot of people and ministers. He is also accused of selling licenses/2G to 120 out of 575 companies that were not included in the list given by the government. He sold the licenses at the basement price of 2001, which is a overstep in the law of the nation. When the case came in the eye of the public in 2008, A Raja was blasted for violating the law and misusing funds.

Now, all these years later, a special court is likely to decide the verdict and perhaps, even give a sentence to the accused. A Raja was responsible for deciding, intentionally, which companies he wanted to give the license to. He also provided the spectrum to companies out of order, thus, violating the principle of “first come first served,” which is an illegal practice, because it doesn’t follow the protocol and is unethical.

While A Raja was responsible for twisting laws so that it could work in his favor, most of other Ministers’ also took advantage of the corruption without reporting to the right authorities. He single-handedly robbed the nation of Rs 1.76 lakh crore, and could’ve managed to do more if his crime had not been discovered by the probe authorities.

He is also responsible for obfuscating material and lies, changing the deadline of the spectrum issue license, and manipulating the evidence so that the authorities could not be able to find his crimes. Now, all the spotlight is again on the case, as the Nation waits for a justified verdict against one of the most corrupt leaders of India.

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