Varnika Kundu stalking case: Accused Vikas Barala gets bail

Varnika Kundu stalking case: Accused Vikas Barala gets bail

Vikas Barala has been been able to get bail in the Varnika Kundu stalking case, from the Punjab and Haryana courts. Vikas had been accused of stalking and with attempting to abduct Varnika. He is the son of Haryana BJP chief, Subash Barala. It has been reported that the decision was made after Varnika was interrogated for 90 minutes in the district courts by the defense counsel who was representing Barala. There had been reports that Varnika had tried to clear away all the accusations against her, that the defense had lobbed, citing various discrepancies in her recollection of the events.

She didn’t budge from her previous stand, and explained her plight. She detailed the traumatizing experience of that night, when she was stalked by Vikas Barala along with his friend Ashish Kumar.

Other than squashing any attempts to malign her experience, she said that her father had not pressured the police and stained the evidence to turn the case in her favor. She is the daughter of VS Kunde, IAS officer of Haryana Cadre.

She faced a lot of accusations by the defense counsel, which alleged that her father could have been connected to the former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, but she maintained that all the allegations were false.

Still, Vikas has been granted bail, and the social media has already jumped on the news, with people calling out Varnika as a liar and for fabricating the story to accuse Vikas of stalking her, although, no evidence has pointed to the decision made by people. It is yet to be seen as to how the case is going to proceed in court, now that the accused has gotten out of jail.

When the story broke previous year, it had instantly become a nation wide sensation, with people and media asking about stalking and boundaries that are meant for men and shouldn’t be crossed.

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