Lucknow University, in a decision that has left people baffled, issued an advisory today, declaring a holiday on the Valentines day, and warning the students from entering the premises of college under any circumstances and prohibiting any kind of cultural celebrations. The University tried to hide its regressive advisory in the name for “Mahashivratri” holiday, but in the beginning states that students, influenced by the western culture, celebrate Valentines day, however, they are given a holiday based on the Hindu festival. Chief Proctor Vinod Singh signed the circular, and it is made quite clear that any student who enters the premises of the college tomorrow is going to face strict disciplinary actions against them.

But, the advisory/circular has now gone viral and the students from the university have slammed it, calling it ridiculous and regressive. They have asked why the college declared an holiday on Valentines day, and why can’t students enter the college, since it defeats the purpose of the establishment. This isn’t the first time that the university had come under news, as last year the authorities had told the students to not bring any kind of gifts on the day, since it want to keep women harassment in check.

Its clear that the decision has been controversial yet again, and this time, people are slamming the authorities for bowing down to regressive thinking that students are affected by the west, and its a bad thing if they want to celebrate the day of love.

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