Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan could face dust storm again in 48 hours, death toll rises over 100

Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan could face dust storm again in 48 hours, death toll rises over 100

The death toll caused by the Dust storm in Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh to more than 100, and over 200 hundred people have been injured in the natural calamity that occurred on Wednesday. The extremity of the storm was too severe, which caused havoc on the physical properties too, with houses being bashed, to trees being uprooted, to crops being spoiled. However, there is no respite for now, as the weather experts have said that the winds, which had hit the speed of 100 kilometer per hour could return to some of the regions in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, in about 48 hours.

The causes of the death around the regions was primarily lightning, which hit people during the storm. Among the regions that faced the worst from the storm, were, Bijnor, Bareli, Saharanpur, Pilibhit, Firozabad, Chitrakoot, Muzaffarnagar, Rae Bareli and Unnao. Six people were reported to have died in Odhisa. 70 people from Uttar Pradesh lost their lives, while 38 people from Rajasthan died, and over hundreds were injured.

Delhi didn’t experience the worst consequences, but there was a storm, and heavy rains, that continued for the night, before the calm too over. There was no damage to the physical properties, and no casualties were reported to have been caused by the storm. India Meteorological Department Additional Director General Mritunjay Mohapatra said about the reason of the storm, as being, “The north Indian plains have been witnessing temperatures of over 40 degree Celsius. There were two sources of moisture – a western disturbance over north Pakistan and adjoining Jammu and Kashmir and easterly winds from the Bay of Bengal.”

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