United Airlines temporarily suspends flights because of smog

United Airlines temporarily suspends flights because of smog

United Airlines has temporarily suspended flights to Delhi because of the thick and deadly smog that has covered the city for the past week. A representative from the airlines has commented that they’re still studying the city, which has been under hazardous health condition, and are in contact with the government authorities. The Airlines has substituted the tickets for November 9 to November 13, and has instead given the customers a chance to rebook tickets on or before 19 November. The customers will not be asked for any additional fees for their troubles. The company also stated that during some environmental emergency like this, they issue waivers that let the people change flights, without them having to pay for it.

The Airlines has responded to the drastic changes in the weather of Delhi and the government’s inability to put the wheels in motion and come up with a plan that would reduce or control the smog.

Schools have been suspended till one week and an ODD-EVEN scheme has been implemented that could help to moderate the vehicular pollution. Last year, during Diwali, the smog levels had gone to break records, and this time, the smoke coming from the crop burning from Harayana and Punjab had also contributed to the pollution.


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