Union Cabinet clears Triple Talaq bill

Union Cabinet clears Triple Talaq bill

Union Cabinet has now cleared the Triple Talaq bill, according to which, it is now illegal for Muslim men or women won’t be able to divorce their spouse by just saying “Talaq” three times. The triple talaq is now unconstitutional, which means that the person who commits “triple talaq” will be breaking the rules, as it is a penal offence and for which he or she could be sentenced to 3 years in prison. This is a landmark decision, and the bill is now eligible for introduction in the winter assembly in Parliament. The triple talaq bill was first introduced after few cases surfaced in which Muslim men had divorced their wives, sometimes by saying talaq, three times to their faces or even sending a message on Whatsapp.

Such actions have been criticized by many women, politicians and authorities and the initial draft for the bill was made after the August 22 verdict given by supreme court, which ruled that “triple talaq” will be considered illegal and won’t be held to any sort of justification by men who divorce their wives on the basis of fights or any unsatisfactory factors involved in the marriage.

The bill has been met with some blow back from the Muslim community, which has practiced the process of divorce for many years. The marriage in the Muslim community also happens when the bride and groom say, “Qabool hai” three times, thus solidifying their union.

Still, even after the verdict from the supreme court, there have been instances of Triple Talaq across the country and in a recent case, a man divorced his wife on whatsapp on the doubt that she was having an affair with someone else. The draft for the bill was sent out in December 1, to states, so that they could reply or give their views on the ongoing cases of triple talaq.


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