UN Chief urged for dialogue, engagement on Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan

UN Chief urged for dialogue, engagement on Kashmir issue between India and Pakistan

The chief of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres stresses the need for dialogue and engagement between India and Pakistan for the resolution of the Kashmir issue peacefully. His spokesperson Stephane Dujarric made these remarks on Thursday during a press briefing.

When asked: “Was the Secretary-General going to pay any attention to what is happening over there (Kashmir)?” or “we are just waiting for some sort of big tragedy to occur for the Secretary-General to take attention”, the spokesperson replied: “… We reiterate the need for the parties to find a peaceful solution through engagement and dialogue.”

“…in terms of paying attention, I think the Secretary-General answered in his own words that question during the press conference,” the spokesman said referring to the Secretary General’s first ever press conference on June 20.

When asked by a reporter at the June conference at the UN headquarters if Guterres was involved in bringing about a dialogue between the two countries to resolve the Kashmir dispute, he had replied: “Why do you think I met three times the Prime Minister of Pakistan and two times the Prime Minister of India?”

“For someone accused of doing nothing it is quite a number of meetings,” he added as he responded to criticism that he was not doing anything in the face of rising tensions in the subcontinent.

However, Guterres did not expand on what his efforts have been.

The Secretary-General met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in St Petersburg last month, while he met Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif at the World Economic Forum at Davos in January and in Astana, Kazakhstan in June.

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