Umer Khalid JeM militant eliminated by Security forces encounter today in J&K

Umer Khalid JeM militant eliminated by Security forces encounter today in J&K

A topmost JEM (Jaish-e-Mohammad) militant eliminated by the security forces today in the encounter in Jammu and Kashmir. It is one of the biggest success for Army as Umer Khalid the Jem terrorist was believed to be the mastermind behind the last week suicide attack near the Srinagar airport in which Army lost its soldier. As per the reports, the Khalid has open fire on the special operations group team on patrol at Ladoora today’s morning. Then the soldiers have fired back and also called reinforcements after the terrorist Khalid was shot dead.

It is reported by the Northern Command Indian Army that has tweeted about the killing of Khalid JeM terrorist. As per the reports on, Khalid was killed in the joint operation that was headed by the by the Jammu and Kashmir Police’s Special Operation Group, the local police, Indian Army and the CRPF. Police reported the Umer Khalid was earlier involved in various major attacks in the Jammu and Kashmir.

It is reported that Khalid was operational in the area for the two last three years and police offer cash award near about 7 lakh on him. And in the wake of the search operation police carried search operation in Ladoora area. And in this search operation resulted in the gun battle where opens form the both sides in which JeM head was killed.

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