Ugadi day, a day to celebrate the facets of life, sweet, sour and bitter

Ugadi day, a day to celebrate the facets of life, sweet, sour and bitter

Ugadi day is the celebration of another New Year’s eve, mostly from people who come come Karnataka, Maharashtra, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It is known as Gudi Padwa for Mahashatrian people. It is usually cebrated on the first day of Lunisolar calender of the Hindi Month Chaitra. Ugadi Day is celebrated by people in a variety of ways, like making rangoli on the floor of their houses in different elaborate strokes. People also put mango leaves on their doors. It can also be celebrated in the usual gift giving and receiving manner, like people buy new clothes to wear and pass it to the young ones in their families, or share it with other relatives.

Ugadi is also notable because people give out money for charity for the temples and for the welfare of the poor people. People wake up in the morning and bathe, to cleanse themselves from the filth of any kind. It is then followed by prayers, and the creation of the intricate rangoli, which is sacred to everyone, and is considered to be a holy task.

One if the most familiar things about Ugadi is the pachadi, which is the festival food, in parts bitter, sweet and sour. It’s is important because it teaches the people that life is comprised of everything, from success, to loss and disappointment. Ugadi is also celebrated in a very different way, and in the guise of Gudi Padwa by the people of Maharashtra.

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