Udaipur Third World Music Festival edition is a treat for artist

Udaipur Third World Music Festival edition is a treat for artist

The Udaipur World Music Festival is a cultural event held at Udaipur in Rajasthan. In this, artist from all over the globe come and perform. This is the third edition that will take place. It was initially started in February 2016. This 3 day event is very interesting. Many international artist perform during this fest. The first version of India’s World Music Festival is conceptualized by Sanjeev Bhargava. This year around 150 artist will perform from 16 different countries. This event is held at multiple venue in Udaipur. This year this event will take place from February 9 to February 11.

This event promises the audience to provide them with different cultural music and music that interests the people of every mentality. An Indian band that the audience would be eagerly looking forward to will be the Bipul Chettri & The Travelling Band. Audience prefers every type of song. Artist from France, USA, Nepal, Spain, Italy, Thailand and India will be performing on February 9,10 and 11. Artist from these countries will be highlighting the evening of the people of Udaipur. The tickets of this festival is free. The artist will perform at random places. Udaipur World Music Festival celebrates the spirit of Music in India.

A festival of immense size and scale, it features diverse music from different continents and regions. Music lovers belonging to all kinds of background participate in this festival. Many citizens of Rajasthan come up to Udaipur and participate in this festival. This festival creates new landmarks in the field of music. Each day of the event will be filled with different types of music be it folk song, cultural song or any international band taking part in it. The cultural events will take place at different venues. Each day the venue will be changed and the bands that will perform will be changed.

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