Uber now goes intercity, from Delhi to Jaipur

Uber now goes intercity, from Delhi to Jaipur

Uber will now be taking passengers interstate, from Jaipur to Delhi. It has called this new initiative under hashtag Apni Hi Gaddi, and the Uber drivers will now be able to pick up passengers from Delhi and NCR with the timing of 5 AM to 11PM. It has also promised that the drivers will be picking the customers on their doorsteps, so that they don’t have to roam around and come to the cab, and suffer from frustration and anger. Uber has promised a relaxed journey to Jaipur and without any difficulties that people have to face when they go through cars and their own vehicles.

To book a cab, the process is very simple and yet efficient, as Uber prides itself to have very quick reply. The customers have to open their Uber app, and then they’ll have to type Jaipur and where in the city do they have to travel to. They can select hatch or sudan vehicles.

The customers can choose any view of their location and then can pay cash to the drivers when the journey is done. This is a very efficient way of travel for many people, since it is often difficult to acquire some other vehicle and have to make do with bus or trains with more difficulty in adjusting.

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