Trump targets CNN in a series of tweets, hashtags #FraudNewsCNN #FNN #Fakenews

Trump targets CNN in a series of tweets, hashtags #FraudNewsCNN #FNN #Fakenews
Written by Karu Cheema

Trump in a series of recent tweets went ballistic, targeting CNN, with an allegation of running fake news targeting him and later changed the search hashtag with #fraudnewsCNN and #FNN. United States president did not leave any stone unturned and tweeted a self promotional video, showing him slamming a guy, headmasked with CNN logo.

In earlier chain of events , CNN retracted a story along with an apology, which alleged ties of one of the Trump’s close ally with an Russian bank. CNN has a way of ensuring the story goes through multiple filters for a credibility check before being published. But somehow this story did not pass the litmus test and led to downfall of 3 journalists. Trump and his supporters seized the opportunity to attack media, now with supporting stories alleging witch hunt. Media companies might bow down a little in printing against Trump after CNN’s stigma.

Reason for CNN retraction is still not known. Leading Media house said that the story was retracted as the story did not meet editorial standard. Nature of story being true or not true could not be verified.

In one of the tweets Mr Trump also slammed those who criticize his social media activity being not so presidential.


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